Top facts about Samsung in 2018

Top facts about Samsung in 2018

Top Facts about Samsung in 2018

Samsung has world’ largest smartphone market shares on this planet. In India additionally Samsung was the king within the smartphone market, now You all perhaps suppose that Samsung is an organization which manufactures smartphones, TVs, fridge and issues like that. NO, in actual Samsung is far more than that. Samsung is just not an organization, it’s a group of firms and at this time you’ll learn how a lot huge Samsung truly is. Here are some Top facts about Samsung in 2018.

  1. The world’s tallest skyscraper constructing Burj Khalifa, the 4th tallest Taipei 101 are literally constructed by Samsung C&T Company (A subsidiary of Samsung Group).
  2. Samsung Electronics is world’s largest electronics firm by income and employs greater than three,70,000 individuals.
  3. Samsung Group’s complete revenues is almost equal to the income of Google, Apple and Microsoft mixed. YES I SAID “COMBINED”
  4. Samsung Heavy Industries (a subsidiary of Samsung Group) is the 2nd largest shipbuilder after Hyundai.
  5. In late 2004, Samsung had the chance to purchase Android, however handed on the funding as a result of they didn’t see any potential. Google acquired it two weeks later.
  6. Samsung has an army department. They’re producing jet engines, robots, and howitzers.
  7. In 2012, Apple tried to sue Samsung within the UK court docket system, misplaced and was ordered to show ads on their website and billboards stating that Samsung had not infringed upon their rights.
  8. Samsung has around $14 Billion annual advertising price range.
  9. Root entry was so troublesome to realize on the Samsung Galaxy S5 that there was a bounty for a working root method, a bounty that reached a complete of $18,000.
  10. Once Samsung CEO Kun-hee Lee was so disgusted by the low Top quality of the corporate’s telephones and different electronics that he ordered a bonfire constructed and burned all of it, round $50 million value, in entrance of 2000 workers, lots of whom cried.
  11. Samsung manufactures elements for Apple (Samsung produces SSDs for Macs and a workforce additionally takes care of producing Retina screens for iPads).
  12. The identify Samsung is derived from the Korean phrases Sam(three) and sung(stars) i.e. three stars which in accordance with Korean tradition represents one thing huge and Toply effective.
  13. Samsung was one of many first to leap into the smartphone sport, lengthy earlier than Android and iOS(Launched the primary “PDA cellphone” with a coloration show within the US market in 2001.)
  14. In the starting samsung launched in 1938 as a grocery buying and selling firm. It employed 40 staff who made their very own noodles..
  15. In 2014, the USA Patent and Trademark Workplace awarded Samsung four,952 patents in 2014, or a mean of 13.5 a day.
  16. Samsung’s income was equal to 17% of South Korea’s nominal GDP.

These are the top facts about Samsung in 2018  you probably don’t know.

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