| Recover Microsoft Account, Microsoft is tech giant which delivers many hardware and software products all over the world, the main product of microsoft is its operating system i.e. windows. There are a lot of version of windows and the latest one is windows 10. To access all the features in all the devices from microsoft you need a microsoft account. Earlier it was known as hotmail and msn, but now a days it can be accessed through outlook. Microsoft account also called account live.

So, to access all your microsoft products you need account live password. You can access all your products such as Office 365, X Box, Windows and your Pc phone and tablets running on windows operating system. If you forgot your account live password your all products will not be accessible to you. So there are two ways to get your password back.

  1. Reset your password by visiting
  2. Recover your password using

If you have enabled two step verification on your account you have to go for the first option, and if you don’t have a recovery option such as you don’t have access to your recovery email address or phone number you should go to

Now you can choose which methods suits you. In this post we are going to tell you how to recover your account with having no recovery options means via account live com acsr.

If you are looking to change microsoft account password by

Read this Article How to Reset account live password reset Via.

These are the steps to recover your Microsoft account

  1. Visit
  2. Now it will ask you to Enter the email address which password you want to reset

account live com acsr

Also it will also ask for an alternate email address you can access now to get the one time password.

After you enter both the email addresses click on submit and you will be reached to the new page.

3. Now you will get a One time password from Microsoft on the email you provided for alternate email.

Note: This code will be acceptable only for 10 minutes. So, please remember to put that code here before 10

Copy the code and paste in the box shown in above picture. And click on the verify button.

4.  After clicking on the verify button it will ask for the additional details you entered while signing up for microsoft account.

Provide the following details accurately so that they can verify you to reset account live password.

5.   After entering the following data click on the next button and fill some additional details.

As shown in this picture add two or three password you have used for your account and choose have you purchased any Microsoft product with that account and click on the next button.


Congrats ! You have successfully  submitted your application to recover your account. Now Microsoft will review your details and will contact you on your alternate email address to reset account live password.